120’ – 230€
Inspired by the thermal scenery and the history of Ancient Rome
around us, Exedra Fusion Spa has reinvented the authentic Diocletian’s healing ritual.

Due to its regenerating and rebalancing properties, this ritual represents the true sense of wellbeing with its exclusive ancient ingredients used in a modern way:

– Olive oil: liquid gold massaged into the body after ablutions in ancient times, today it is known as a powerful antioxidant that nourishes, heals and improves the elasticity of the entire body;

– Honey: known as the food of the gods, it has purifying, aphrodisiacal,
refreshing, firming, cooling, healing as well as calming properties;

– Sea salt: considered miraculous since ancient times, it is a pure concentrate of trace elements having anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and draining properties; highly regenerating;

– Salt-pan mud: the Etruscans and the ancient Romans loved it for its healing properties. Also known for its decongestant and draining power, this mud reactivates microcirculation and has beneficial effects on bones, joints and cartilage;

– Medicinal herbs: St. John’s wort/laurel/sage/lavender
St. John’s wort: in the past called “the devil-chaser herb” due to its calming and healing properties, today it is used as a natural medicine with scar-healing, moisturising and regenerating effects. Excellent for injuries, itching, abrasions, burns and wounds.
Laurel: considered a sacred plant in ancient times, laurel was used even in clairvoyance rituals. It provides relief and strengthens body and mind with its invigorating, stimulating, antiseptic and anti-rheumatic properties.

Sage: ancient people praised its curative effects; used as a digestant and a disinfectant, it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender: used in ancient times to cleanse the body, it has decongestant and calming properties.

The ritual begins with olive oil, honey, salt and laurel based exfoliation, followed by a healing mud body wrap with cleansing and detoxifying properties. It culminates in a relaxing tailor made massage with the St. John’s wort oily macerate made by skilful therapists.

Fusion Spa offers the DIOCLETIAN SPA & BATH RITUAL EXPERIENCE with individual elements as well:

EXFOLIATION -with olive oil, honey, salt and laurel

30’ – 90€

DETOX -with salt-pan mud

45‘ – 80€

MASSAGE with St. John’s wort oil or the healing lavender, laurel and sage oil

50’ / 90‘    130€ – 160€