URBAN DETOX    on demand
Detox  strategy  based  on  natural  elements  with  the  function  of
detoxifying, slimming  and  toning  the  body,  lulling  the  mind  with
thoughts of refined positivity.

DETOX FOOD                                                                  on demand

Through our daily diet we are creating our mental well-being. Our health, mood, mind, heart and kindness are all depending on the absorption of the food we take in.
In  addition  to  the  food  itself,  we  are  also  “nourishing”  ourselves with emotions, feelings, positive and negative relationships. We are surrounded by stress and pollution, with environments that often cause moments of heaviness, tiredness, moodiness, negatively affecting our body and poisoning our inner essence. To meet the needs of the body and to purify the internal being, our health team has developed a nutritional detox program with healthy treats that can be enjoyed daily for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
26    A real reformation addressed to citizens, managers, modern women, sports people and all those who wish to nourish the body with health,

HOLISTIC COACHING                                                     on demand

Professional  advice  to  achieve  and  maintain  the  perfect  balance of consent between body, mind and spirit. Unlike more traditional approaches, the personalized program of holistic coaching allows us to deepen the exploration and understanding of internal interference that creates emotional blocks and obstacles, in order to overcome unconscious and conscious emotional and mental patterns unsuitable to our personality. The consultant takes care of the person, considering all aspects, through various technical support: mtc, energy techniques, treatment of re-equilibration.

HEALTH COACHING                                                       on demand

Customized fitness trail: starting from the functional assessment of the your mental and physical state and structure, our Fusion Spa Health Coach creates an improvement program and health education and brings awareness of your welfare. The program includes nutritional advice, treatments for increasing inner energy, stress control methods and suggestions to improve your quality of life.

Detox Treatment (max 45’) Fitness Coach

After the analysis of your physical and emotional state, the Health Coach forms a weekly or monthly plan that includes nutritional detoxification (lunch / dinner), with body detox treatments lasting 45min and a fitness
schedule, to maintain and improve your vital energy.

CUSTOMIZED DETOX                                                     on demand

Detox program especially tailored for the customer: analysis of the current state, conception of diet and workout plan with a menu of treatments based on the present problems, psycho – emotional support and results checking.