Ayurveda Massage

AYURVEDA ABHYANGAM (3 type)  60’ – 140€


A healty form that connects body, mind and spirit based on ancient Indian massage techniques. After identifying the mood and biological constitution of the person, the operator suggests the proper kind of massage using pleasantly warm herbal oils. It brings back well-being, relaxation, purification, regeneration and rejuvenation.

SHIRODHARA 60’ – 220€

A deeply relaxing treatment. Warm herb enriched oils are poured in a gentle and continuous stream over the forehead. The procedure enhances synchronizing brain waves and profoundly calms the mind, harmonizing the body and the spirit. Shirodhara stimulates blood circulation to the brain thus potentially improving memory, nourishes the hair and scalp, and helps fight stress and tension.


An ancient technique ideal for relaxation, relief of mental fatigue and confusion. It helps in creating more clarity of mind and to invigorate brain activity. The oils used in this massage contain calming herbs that also have a powerful stimulating effect on the brain, nerves and sensory organs. Soothing massage of the head, neck & shoulder using warm herbal oils


It is a partial or whole body treatment, made with bundled cloth bowls warmed with steam or oil, filled with herbs (Kizhi), herbal powder (Churna kizhi), fried leaves (Ela kizhi) or with sand (Manal kizhi). It is proved that after only one week of this therapy, conditions such as athritis, chronic back pain, cervical spondylosis, painful stiffness of the joints and other spastic and inflammatory conditions fade.


Nasya massage is designed to clean the head from impure energies, and is recommended for the decongestion of the sinuses and for stimulating the healthy flow of energy in the head and in the neck area. The massage works as a facial lymphatic massage made with warm oil, followed by the deep inhaling of aromatic steam and the use of nose drops enriched with the herb Nasya. It is a great treatment for those bombarded by sensory stimulants, exposed to constant pressure and daily pollution. The massage reliefs chronic head and neck problems, including allergies, headaches, asthma and eye oversensitivity.



An extremely efficient partial treatment to ease the joint and muscular pain and can be successfully treated also on other body parts. The slightly heated medicated oil is slowly poured inside the „ring“ made of black gram paste in order to keep the oil on the specific body area. The oil is continuously poured, wiping out the “old” oil and softly replacing it with a fresh, warm one.

KADEE VASTI: 25’ – 40€

NETRA (netra tarpanam) VASTI: 25’ – 40€

Local application of warm oil on the lumbar zone

Local application of warm “ghee” on the eyes and around the eyes.

GREEVA VASTI: 25’ – 40€

JANU VASTI: 25’ – 40€

Local application of warm oil on the cervical zone.

Local application of warm oil on the knees.