THALI‘SENS                                90’ / 120’   190€ – 250€

It’s the new beauty and relax treatments experience
The Thali’sens treatments invite introversion and self-discovery through an imaginary journey from one part of the world to another. The treatments combine the knowledge and technical notes of thalassotherapy with the active principles of natural substances…caressing the body with the perfumes of distant lands and wrapping the skin into a veil of soft splendor.

ORIENT – detoxifying oriental journey
This ritual is based on warm movements; helping the body to relax and get rid of toxins, the skin regains vitality, while the body is regenerated like it was on a long spiritual journey in oriental style.

ATLANTIC – revitalizing immersion Into the Atlantic
This  ritual  is  revitalizing  and  regenerating  the  body  with  specific
massage techniques using poultice minerals from the Atlantic Ocean.

ASIA – Retreating in Asian peace
An invitation to live unforgettable moments of relaxation.
When we think of the Land of the Rising Sun, we can imagine a land full of riches and beauty, colours and joy: This ritual embodies those characteristics by giving peace to the mind and nourishment to the body, with gentle movements using particular products, which make you dream.

POLYNESIA – A relaxing journey
This ritual combines tiara and coconut scents, for deep relaxation of the body and mind through the sense of smell. The treatment not only combines massage and poultice, but also caresses your body with hydro-massage, giving you the feeling of being on a lost island.

AMAZON – Energizing treatment
This mystic ritual reminds us of the magical and wild Amazon atmosphere, characterized by ancient tradition.