100’ – 170€
Water healing power in the service of human health. Unique experience
of total relaxation and well-being.

Draining Seaweeds Water

The path toward health and beauty, by combining the benefits of marine water rich in sodium and magnesium with hydro-micromassage. The body regains its balance, strength and mental and physical energy.

Thalasso Wrap

Soft sea-mud wrap, working as a curative blanket on the body, relieves musculoskeletal  pain,  relaxes  and  takes  away  signs  of  tiredness. A purifying experience that improves the skin’s appearance.

Thalasso Massage

Harmonious combination of massage techniques with a concentration of trace elements and minerals for detoxifying, draining and invigorating. It stimulates cellular oxygenation and awakens the energy of the body.

Oriental Steam

A sublime ritual with exfoliation. The wealth of healthy, steaming baths and detoxifying massage practice are designed to reassure the client’s physical purification.