3h – 320€

Dedicate yourself to some relaxing moments to regenerate the body,
release your thoughts and feed your soul with pure pleasure.

Facial treatment
Facial treatment with special massage techniques designed to dissolve accumulated tensions. Gives a smooth appearance and re- lifts your face in few minutes dedicated to relaxation.

An exclusive beauty program for hands: it combines perfect nail care and adapts the tone and trends of nail polish to the client’s personality.

Luxurious care for the welfare of the feet: starting with a relaxing marine foot bath, proceeding with technical pedicure treatment and concluding the experience with gentle, harmonious foot massage. It offers a palette of delicate shades ready to give you a sophisticated nail finish.

Oriental Bath
A sublime ritual with exfoliation. The wealth of healthy, steaming baths are designed to assure the client’s physical purification.

AperiSpa Strawberry &Champagne
Special moments of delicacy of taste and olfactory experience with a relaxing and revitalizing character.

JET LAG Body Rehab

2 hrs  –  230€
Program with massages and treatments designed to rejuvenate the
tired and stressed guest; an ideal way to relax and normalize body function after a long journey with the changed cycles of sleep and wakefulness, digestive disorders or mood swings that can affect our biological clock.

Tailored Detox/Relax Body Wrap
of your choice: Mg&Marine Oligoelements Body Wrap /Marine Mud
Body wrap /Body wrap with warm seaweed

Mg Massage
The strength of magnesium marine applied on the body by expert therapist hands. Through different massage techniques, it drains the tissues, stimulates the body and relaxes the mind.

Draining Drink
Purification drink, indicated in order to naturally drain excess fluids and toxins, alleviate the effects of jet lag and bring the body back to general wellbeing.


Facial Massage    20′ – 40€   

An authentic ritual to bring new vitality to facial skin; it accelerates cell renewal, increases hydration, elasticity and firmness. Tightens, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. Prevents the sagging of the skin.

Eye treatment    20’ – 40€

Dedicated to  the  delicate eye  area.  It  works instantly  on  cellular  structure, activates micro-circulation, decongests and soothes the eye area by respecting its fragility. Smoothes and relaxes the eyelids and works against eye fatigue.


2 hrs – 500€

Experience  of   unforgettable  wellbeing   with   relaxing   programs,
massages and treatments to share with friends.

Oriental Bath
A sublime ritual with exfoliation. The wealth of healthy, steaming baths and detoxifying massage practice are designed to reassure the client’s physical purification.

Massage time
Body or facial massage by choice

A  personalized  choice  of  exfoliation,  to  bring  back  brightness, smoothness and vitality to the skin.

Detox drink to end the ritual in harmony.