Classic Massage


50’ / 90’   120€  – 160€

Relaxing, harmonious, rhythmic, a unique massage that evokes silence, nourishes with olifactory notes, caresses the body and mind, giving a deep sense of well-being.


50’ / 90’   140€ – 160€

Myofascial massage acts deeply on muscles and connective tissues. The therapist works on the accumulation of collagen fibers due to muscle strain, tensions or incorrect physical posture. Especially recommended for sports practioners, people with postural problems and hyper – contractions.


60’ / 90’   150€ – 180€

Full-body luxury massage with hot basalt stones.The  stones  deeply  warm  muscles,  stimulate  circulation  and  help relieve arthritic pain, body aches, insomnia, stress, and anxiety, while the Exedra Fusion Spa therapist incorporate a customized massage to further relax and release deep tension.


50’ – 130€

Massage dedicated to the future mum. It helps to control physical changes, relieves tensions and back pain due to the accentuation of curves, helps to relieve the sense of swelling and heaviness in the legs, due to dilation of veins and capillaries resulting in edema. It promotes relaxation, relieves pain and spasms. It moisturizes the skin, makes the tissue more elastic and prevents the formation of stretch marks.


50’ – 130€

A powerful massage designed to alleviate common discomforts of long distance flights or travel, deep-seated tension and body stress.


on demand

Specific, focused, energetic, intense or relaxing massage – tailored according to individual needs or desires – to bring the body into a perfect state of well-being.