Beauty Massage


50’ – 130€

Gentle massage with light movements, slow maneuvering and repeated pressures, to delicately reactivate the circulation of lymph, reducing the stagnation and unblocking clogged channels. Advised in treating veinous insufficiency, lymphedema and cellulite.


50’ – 130€

This massage is adapted to support the process of weight loss and body shaping. It stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the process of oxygenation, improves blood circulation and promotes the recovery of muscle tissue. The body becomes vital, toned and slender.


50’ – 130€

Firming massage which regenerates the muscle tissue, shapes the silhouette, gives elasticity, strengthens the muscle mass and reactivates microcirculation. Ideal for treating hypotonic tissues.


50’ / 90’   130€ – 180€

The strength of magnesium marine applied on the body by expert therapist hands. Through different massage techniques, it drains the tissues, stimulates the body and relaxes the mind.


on demand

Specific, focused, energetic, intense or relaxing massage – tailored according to individual needs or desires – to bring the body into a perfect state of well-being.